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[After several rings, the machine picks up. For reasons unknown, the male voice that takes your call has a British accent.]

"You've reached the voice mail box of Ms. Virginia Potts. If you'd like to leave a message, press one. If you'd like to page Ms. Potts, press two. If your name is Tony Stark and you are dialing this number while inebriated at two in the morning, hang up and let your assistant get a full night's sleep."

Pepper Ficlet Requests!

So, after going almost two years without really using this journal, a bunch of you lovely Avenger muns got my Pepper voice back! So in celebration, I am shamelessly stealing this meme from redinmyledger.

Request a prompt! I will include your character and Pepper in it. No guarantees of length or timeliness, but if you make a request I do promise to get it filled.

25 Kinds of PepperCollapse )


Oh it's meme time...

The AU Meme!

Because Marvel doesn't do enough AUs.


I hear the memebells

The Bad Life Decisions Meme.

Because Pepper is incapable of making those on her own, ofc ofc.


Writer's Block: Invisibility cloak

If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go and what would you do? Do you think you might be upset by what you discovered?

If I could only be invisible for a day, then I'd be a terrible personal assistant.

Hopping right on that bandwagon!


This is definitely a better choice than studying, amirite?